Sell Injection Molding 3D Printers Through Week-Daily Vote

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Do you want all the money in the treasury designed for injection molding 3d printers to be ordered by 5 PM PST?

Poll for authorizing order of wholesale 3D printers.

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    Use to login as seller, observe how much money is in the treasury (transparent to you, not buyer) and if you believe it is time to use as much as possible of our assets to purchase x number of injection molding 3D printers (there will be 3 different general merchandise milestones for now, three different treasuries corresponding to the three items needed, buyer and seller individually contribute to and place orders separately), where the amount and the number of printers ordered on the forum are also transparent to you as sellers, not to buyers, vote that way on the poll. It is good for buyers and sellers to be the same people, but high profit margins come from a high ratio of buyers to sellers.

    Buyers who buy using PayPal shopping cart will have that money go to escrow as well.

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