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Anarchy flag for t-shirt
We can use to get the average cost of a t-shirt down to $0.99 and sell for $9.95, a $15 value, right-clicking and saving image on left, and raise money for survival and the causes excons find essential on the road to recovery. See and apply for seller and/or buyer status. As your broker, who gets 15% of all transactions, my account under the ID will allow you to create an account there and access my brokerage, a store with fluctuating prices.  A pool of investors (sometimes one person) must get together at to exchange t-shirts, other items with logos, and 3D printers below.

Because most excons don’t have much money, the pooling effect should have more than one person contribute to the pool of sellers, and that’s where chain letters through opt-in e-mail here, sent to everyone in your e-mail contact list (friends, relatives, possible coworkers, vendors, customers, etc.) where the pool of chain letter advertisers gets 35% of gross (the same 15% I get from the brokerage fee is gross, in addition to multi-tier affiliate advertising for e-mail, forum stickies, and podcast commercials. Making a hefty profit when you sell in bulk, and capitalize on good, cheap products from, many of you will be self-employed, competitive, tax exempt because of International laws that will not change, and laugh at the prospect of going hungry, or even working for evil tyrants.  The buyers, who may not be excons, but all of us should wear these t-shirts because of the obvious impact they will have, can buy them at a quantity and an amount that varies using supply versus demand inventory control analysis. The more we put into the pool for t-shirts, and other paraphernalia with our logos, the cheaper they become. The form I filled out at is similar to what you will fill out there as seller or buyer (we negotiate here at the forums to buy all that you want to from, placing an order on Friday nights if votes are approved), it will be shipped to the escrow people, and then sold here at a new store page. We can negotiate for other members of the group of recovering excons to build their own free easy-to-build websites as part of the network.

Click on the following banner to create your account: Buy or Sell Online Without the Fear of Fraud

The same applies to 3D printers, where a $600 model (injection molding or laser, it is best to have both) can be bought by each one of us for under $100, cheaper than Walmart. A surplus of raw materials for the printer to modify can be sold in bulk cheap also. 3D blue prints on the Internet are free, with more coming out, including .SVG’s in metaNURB programmable format, very high quality and resolution, very quick to print, anything of any shape, size, raw material, etc. The form buyers and sellers will be introduced to will look the same as above, only with new product name.

3D Printer
Getting better and cheaper, don’t let evil, wealthy tyrants who pay dirt wages to suicidal victims in enslavement camps overseas, making products that often die right after the warranty dies, create a world where the robots work for them for free, and you are left with nothing!!! Emergency mode is now!!!

Use the above logo for placards, large freeway banners, place in front of stores who refuse to hire excons, hats, jackets, pens, mugs, etc., good to give away for gifts, and encourage more participation. Come up with your own logo to promote your own related website, this site, or as the real “clincher” in stimulating a legal tax revolt to make it possible to get jobs where personal self-employment opportunities may fail. You can privatize everything, but the jails, not as much. The the Bible does say, “Those that leadeth into captivity must be lead into captivity”, Revelation 13:10, which is happening now because of all the corrupt cops convicted of the many crimes they have always committed, but caught more often because of increasing camera footage, especially the remote kind I designed as a private police tech service. So when the workers take over the companies not fearing a jail or National Guard dis-incentive, just like what Karl Marx predicted, we will vote on everything, or choose to “vote not to vote”, a decision by exclusive institutions, with some peer-to-peer “I scratch your back, you scratch mine” mutual symbiosis, with more escrow, competition between prepay accounting, and crypto-currency, and as when Reagan was President, the one time in my life I had to turn down job offers, the same luxury, guaranteed, will apply to all of you when the power and the evil double-standards go away.