Free MTAP Advertising

Sell/lobby to all the opt-in newsletter recipients, forum users, and podcast listeners you desire.

You can effect the polling (voting) that allows decisions to be made for how we use a tax revolt to turn around the economy to force employers/labor guilds to hire faster, fearing overheating for doing intense background checks. 3D printers will also be used to build our sanctuaries. There is a need to further lobby Washington and state and local governments for more job access, and more free land for our sanctuaries.

MTAP stands for multi-tier affiliate programs, where you risk no capital selling here, as I am paid commission when you sell what you want to sell. If you don’t get paid, I don’t get paid. The higher the commission you offer, the higher up the queue you are in getting your ads out to a growing public made more aware of our issues, and peacefully finding solutions by creating prosperity mostly for those who have a “school of hard knocks” education. Plus, with multi-tier, or pyramid (eg. chain letter) incentive, you can advertise to our opt-in newsletter recipients, forum users, and/or podcast listeners, they go to your domain (don’t have one, create one at an inexpensive domain registrar and pay for hosting, or I can give you a free canonical domain [eg.] and free hosting here, contact me). You will request the same URL that is used by the seller at the top for 99-tiers of affiliates – you will have to create a redirect for your Webpage, such as an HTML refresh redirect:

<!– HTML meta refresh URL redirection –>
<meta http-equiv=”refresh”
content=”0; url=”>

on your websites as referrers, who can create your own free, no-coding-knowledge-necessary website, and advertise here and create a second pyramid for something that is already “branded” – and that’s you, because we are no making our first debut! Even if you don’t have a website, by passing on by e-mail alone, you can earn substantial rewards high up the pyramid. In the website pyramid, if someone buys something by being redirected to the seller’s website, say, when the customer clicks on an ad on a blog comment 50 tiers below the seller, then everybody above him/her earns commission.

To sign-up for affiliate tracking software to start building your 100-tier pyramid and advertise, go to Your account is free for up to 2 weeks, no credit card need up front.