Why does Always Bail Bonds, Bail Bondsmen, Serving Van Nuys and the Surrounding Area Need to Know my Mission Against Tyranny, that Guaranteed, will be yours,

Due to a bad economy with an excessive amount of competition, bad mostly from high taxation where employers have less money to utilize people, together with the consumer has less cash to buy things, a tax strike and insurrection up against the government on peaceful terms is vital. The government sells all your information online, not only conviction information but arrest records, with a 90% acquittal rate and an illegal quota for arrests, making it impossible for many to find jobs. They sell your bio-medical data, if you had cancer like I did, you will be hounded by doctors, like I was, I never heard of, screwing up your credit and the collection agencies will not take “no” for an answer. You will not only not be able to get credit, because of no fault of your own, you again will not be able to find a job, not be able to rent an apartment, not be able to get a motel room, and become part of a growing homeless and suicidal population. The government sells your social security information to thieves, and all the “hint answer” information, so thieves can go into your bank and PayPal accounts, and prosecutors will not prosecute forgery as high-resolution scanners make it impossible to prove anti-aliasing, or air brushing. This also applies to photographs, eventually this can connect with video not being formidable evidence, since they bring people back to life from the movies. In a day and age of nothing but high-tech deception, if you don’t deal with the problem, you’re going to look naïve and you will be a victim in addition

Because the media doesn’t want an end to crime and chaos, and will not respect the reality that most excons need to work, but many on cash aid, HUD, social security, etc. collect, do well, buy items from the news media’s sponsors, but don’t need to work, anger levels will rise with the media. I offer https://www.DeadPoolForTheMedia.fun, to motivate the media to tell the truth regarding a tax revolt that can result in an armed revolt where the degrees of discomfort develop a violent revolution more realistic, because of the increasing population who has nothing to lose.

That’s why you need to remind Always Bail Bonds, Bail Bondsmen, Serving Van Nuys and the Surrounding Area that they may have to prepare for other career interests in a stateless society, as “to each according to his need, from each according to his talent” hold true, with tedious labor done by machines, but talent coming from Internet communications and higher interest levels acknowledged in that which can be popular, and you will receive talent as all of you are inquisitive and have at least one talent, largely favoring those who are downtrodden, trying to turn their lives around. Don’t let the aggressive or passive-aggressive bullies who “love it when you lose”, “kick you when you’re up or when you’re down” win. Legacies and Cinderella stories are on your side, not their’s.


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