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88% of employers say they will not hire people with criminal records. The other 12% rarely hire excons regardless. Most are forced to re-offend with a high misery index and declining tax services…but there is nothing but hope with a plan!

Rebels like me and the the rebellious Lee Marvin character love to turn around the lives of those in the war against those who abuse power

I have no criminal record, but I am motivated and optimistic because the collapse of government from declining tax revenues (more tax bankruptcies than ever before, people using the Internet to increasingly discover three International tax shelters where you don’t have to pay taxes, tax debt was largely decriminalized in 1996, much less enforcement power of all laws, plus my invention, insurance against tax audits, as tax debt is not a crime and is now rewarded with bankruptcy and/or a lottery payout. See https://www.AnarchyForever.com) means many prison releases, with men, and an increasing ratio for the female crime rate, are being released and re-offending (mostly theft, drug trafficking, now hit men, because of too much competition from rival drug gangs, the result of not being able to find a job, less SDI/SSI/SSDI. Cash Aid, Food Stamps, and HUD are the next to disappear) many can’t even find a job with an arrest record, with a system that has a 90% acquittal rate, and the police and sheriff get $30,000 from the state of California for each arrest, and bogus medical data, bogus debt, government-sold “hint” data your government sells to those who steal everything, and high resolution scanner forgery causing more un-prosecute-able white collar crimes (I lost about $1 million for this reason alone, the masses have lost a fortune to wealthy companies like AOL). The sad thing is ex-cons want to work, the approximate 50% are on government assistance do not for the most part, but they have options here as well. It all started with the acceptance of the insanity of a system (mostly police and prosecutors) that over-enforce lesser crimes, about 85% drug possession at one time, maybe true now with many new experimental drugs coming out, for easy arrests and convictions, allowing rape and murder to go mostly unpunished because of anticipated 9-15 month trials, with lawyers choosing the most malleable, pliable jurors to serve on the juries, far more likely to be prejudice than grand juries. The build-up of the criminal justice system began with 3-Strikes-You’re-Out in 1994, and the signing of the Crime Bill in 1996. The result was more cowardly attempts to over-enforce drug crimes, because people don’t do the math, and those who can’t find jobs from drug possession records, especially when employers have to pay high taxes, leads to history repeating itself, as when the Roman Empire fell, and vigilante services ran western Europe for a 1,000 period.

“Adapt, improvise, and overcome!”

While diminishing tax revenues means more people go back to work, as Barrack Obama’s treasury department correctly said, many are just the lucky benefactors of those who were not hoodwinked by the contradictions of the system and fake-news that punishes the most decent of people. Privatization with self-governance is good and will happen, but I believe there is a dire need to put ex-cons back to work now. The wealthy, who pay much less in taxes, because of International tax exemptions no power-base can do anything about, are quickly buying up robots, with complete automation now possible, and others will have no jobs or serve any purpose at all, unless we all act NOW! I think industrial democracies (labor guilds running firms, workers can vote on everything and do have a competitive advantage finally, pooling assets together in fastidious fashion, no tax money needed, 5 or 6 means of privatizing [fees and fines, which is optional, donations, online gambling, wholesale products, advertising, and the stock market] a typically exploited element, all I need is publicity, and with 3D printers, where there is technology such that people will not be needed, is the answer, with a lot of public land we can lobby Congress to give away). You can build houses, cars, appliances, and furniture for hundreds of dollars. Work smarter, not harder, unlike the scams you face when working for people whose products are meant to fail by design, like Winchester hard drives, the only moving part of a computer, that crash frequently, and these firms would not let me as materials engineer contribute to something higher in quality and re-assigned me to a desk job, and anti-virus firms that clearly make most of the viruses. Many products die right after the warranty expires, known to me and many scam alert websites.

With 3D printers, you can print clothes, cook food, any appliance or object or appliance, create anything with little and then no energy, including the energy extracting mechanism, like solar panels. Few raw materials are needed until the printers design the actual raw materials extraction mechanism, for now, very little human input from printers far cheaper than their larger utilitarian predecessors. A short learning curve is all that is required to download free 3D blue prints from the Internet. If we pool our money here with what we buy wholesale, with escrow and competitive prepay accounting services to be 100% scam-proof, we can buy anything, like https://www.Alibaba.com wholesale merchandise, even cheaper-per-unit advertising (but free cost-per-sale pyramid building when you opt-in to our newsletter and pass on to people you know, with high Google rankings, sell what is trending up, high demand, low competition, with high-profit related products and services with loss-leader keywords), we can blow away the over-confident spoiled competition. I will explain how in detail at my many blogs and podcasts, see https://www.PandaBusters.com, we can be self-employed and part of a network, motivated to save your money for a rainy day in a crypto-currency bank, rely on charity and insurance when you have to, learn to “adapt, improvise, and over-come” when you are most challenged, and help the network with advice. We can lobby Congress, the White House, and the state legislatures for the need to give us free former-public-sector land. We can extract water from just enough wells, reservoirs, and worst case scenario in the desert – dew trapped by cellophane above plants dripping into cups to suit a plumbing system, combined with polymer high-pressure water recycling, polymer extraction of the 4% of the atmosphere that is water vapor on hot summer days in the desert, cheap wind turbines, cheap solar panels, human waste after water recycling waste treated for fertilizing some crops, also used to heat homes when cold. Some meat-imports and desert cattle for slaughtering will be necessary, but stem cell meat is getting much cheaper, and can be done outdoors, without the need for a lot of roaming land for animals to exercise their muscles. We now have 8-legged robots with retractable arms. legs, and fingers, sensing through radar, color spectroscopy, and infrared at night, that I’m about to turn into independent artificial intelligence (see https://www.PandaBusters.com) with software I am creating, where the robot reacts to it’s data processed and optimized as a series of tasks by

“The Dirty Dozen”, much like with reform schools, often based on true stories, how to turn around the lives of those who must never submit to passive-aggressive, weak-minded, deceptive bullies, as redemption comes from power to the individual to overcome prejudices from a society that is more reactive than proactive, leading to endless conflict

creating a series of human input stop-start tasks (point A to B), looking to Internet for trending problem-solution analysis when obstacles rise, assessing worst case scenario first, challenging the weakest link with options to execute it into becoming the strongest link, moving forward and acting on best case scenario. Satellite TV and Internet are available now, satellite cell phones will soon appear, and will be added as a necessary convenience. As a physicist, there will be a way to work around the Air Force bases to the north of Las Vegas where I live, privatize SR-71’s for civil reconnaissance, invest in advanced avionics like space planes at area 51, etc. But the government worldwide owns an insane amount of land doing nothing, that we will need for survival in a dog-eat-dog world, so I believe now is the time to lobby and petition very emphatically on how to secure this land.

TO SPREAD THE WORD of a tax revolt at https://www.AnarchyForever.com, I propose the purchasing of cheap t-shirts, placards, buy anything in bulk to spend less per item, and use the money to build right-to-work sanctuaries on free public land, further from the big cities without the complaints and law enforcement issues. WE MUST WEAR OUR T-SHIRTS AND LEGALLY BE DISRUPTIVE AT TOWN HALL MEETINGS, AT THE CITY COUNCIL MEETINGS, COUNTY BOARDS OF SUPERVISORS, PROTESTING ON SIDEWALKS WITH BULL HORNS, PLACARDS, AND IN UNITY WITH OUR T-SHIRTS IN FRONT OF EMPLOYERS PLACES OF OPERATION WHO STATE THEY WON’T HIRE EXCONS. Most excons work in construction and as truck  drivers, but because of prejudice and high taxes, these firms are less likely to hire unemployed excons unless they are inquired of their hiring policy and boycotted and protested against if not compliant with the need for a legal tax revolt and an understanding a much better economy from tax-less-ness means hiring faster with less time for background checks to avoid over-heating, which is critical to survival, even in a future great economy. Clear Channel now considers the plight of excons not finding work their main news item, degrading you and Mayor Garcetti (Los Angeles), ignorant of the options that will otherwise lead to more crime, terror, and violence, unless they embrace our tax revolt, privatization by fiat and/or legislation, self-governance (put out fires before they start, the evil double-standard of a system that loves creating victims, like when people are arrested just for having a camera). Higher energy levels from a stateless society means people will be happy and productive at what they do best, instead of being unemployed and miserable, and forced to be much more responsible, as the system of evil-double standards worships the real evil-doers with rewards for abusing or conceding to authority. There does not need to be any sacrifices. But slowly but surely, tax revenues are decreasing, so we really do need to ramp this up, before more rewards to the ignorant, by deceptive, passive-aggressive bullies and parasites work hard to get the best of you who have already paid your debts.

Anarchy is order, government is chaos. Government and power in the private sector are meant to fail by design, create victims, make you dependent, desires poverty, crime, war, and endless division. Self-employed people and labor guilds are rewarded for their love of labor, charity and insurance will be plentiful for those who don’t work, they just need to be more responsible. Companies overheat and go out of business just for not hiring more people fast enough when too many orders from customers come in, and the reason they are often desperate to hire people from south of the border quickly in most cases without documentation. So scrutiny of criminal records or other records is likely to go away for what lies ahead of us.

Please see https://www.InvestorCommune.com and https://www.PandaBusters.com. Free memberships are offered at both websites. I am sure you will be quite impressed and find these websites highly essential. Money earned through t-shirts and other paraphernalia can be retained or used for charity and contributions to the excon community, mentioned with free MTAP sticky advertising at the top of the forums of your choice and free e-mail and free podcast advertising as well. See Advertising. When these communities/sanctuaries are formed, there should, in my opinion, be a vote every year on whether the land is owned and operated as an act of the vote of the people, or everything is private where decisions are made by private courts (arbitration), and a private marshal, or the land is simply free. The propositions should be voted on annually. I suggest the simple civil libertarian code, “thou shalt not create a victim”, and those that do by the preponderance of the evidence decided on by a private grand jury will wear a GPS/1 meter cable ankle bracelet, as opposed to a chain that can be removed easily with bolt-cutters, and will be detected by anybody with a smart phone app, in a world that is 100% civilians.  Cables must be welded, and no house arrest detainee will do that to his/her own ankle. Also, no long wavelengths are used by public law enforcement/parole officers, where position in a car or building is unknown). Integrated cameras with facial recognition software and other artificial intelligence are also useful, and it will be increasingly foolish, for a while,  not to have a fire arm, as history has proven more guns mean less crime (Tombstone, AZ, no major incidents after the OK-Corral). More gun control means every crime statistic goes up, including death do to gun violence. Chips outside, inside the body, cameras, and guns are a deterrent, plain and simple, but nobody wants to be honest in a debate. The debate on how to keep the peace has been won here.

James Dante Wood
Sole proprietor, BestJobsForExcons.fun